80% AR-15, AK-47, DPMS308Compatible with these popular software and many more!

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Models available for Solidworks and other softwares! 

Want to build your own firearm? Looking to try your skills at home gunsmithing? Looking to just exercise your patriotic rights? Well with all the new gun laws and regulations, now is the time to build your own firearm! Let us help, we will be publishing blueprints and 3D solid models available for Solidworks, Mastercam, Gibbs, and other CAD/CAM software. Available will be many popular items such as the AR-15, AR-10 (DPMS, LR style) lower receivers, bolt catches, triggers, magazine dimensions, and many more blueprints and models for all manufacturers, homebuilders, and firearm enthusiasts. These make finishing your 80% a breeze, or can even be used as plans to create a replica firearm.  Also, now available various file types for max compatibility with your software and also CNC programs now available! All 3D solid models are 3D printer ready! All 3d cad models and blueprints are tested and proven.

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